Why Pride Matters (to me)

It's inevitable this month - somewhere on the internet, some asshat sitting anonymously behind a screen posts a comment on a Pride photograph or video - asking why Pride is necessary, telling us that they don't need to see that shit, telling us that they don't care that we're gay, just go do what you want in private, there's no straight Pride, so why do you need it, etc.

It's inevitable that this thoughtless antipathy angers me.

Why do I need Pride?

Because I was not exposed to a world where my sexuality was a positive thing until I was well past my developmental years. I still resent that I could not be a young teenager exploring my sexuality in the same way that everyone else was - that I didn't get my first kiss until I was 30. That I didn't come out until I was 29. That I didn't know it was ok to be the way I was.

Because I don't remember the last time I ever spoke to a straight person who was afraid to show public affection to their significant other because it might lead to verbal harassment. Might lead to getting the shit kicked out of you. Might lead to you & your partner getting murdered. 

Because we need a place where we don't have to hide. Being imprisoned in yourself is draining. It's demoralizing. It's what leads people to kill themselves.

Why do I need Pride? Because I need other people to have a better life than I have. 

And you shitting on it means you want suffering for others.

Fuck you.